Research Topics

  • Urban Climate and Air Pollution around the Seoul Metropolitan Area
  • Vegetation-Atmosphere Interactions and Its Numerical Modeling
  • Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystem and Its Interaction with Weather and Climate
  • Energy-Atmosphere Interactions
  • Dynamics of Planetary Boundary Layer

Research Highlight

    • CO2 emission across an urbanization gradient in Korea (Hong et al., 2019)
    • Urban development and its impacts on surface energy balance in compact high-rise residential area in Seoul metropolitan area (Hong and Hong, 2016).
    • Negative feedback between the canopy height and precipitation by implementing airborne-lidar retrieved canopy height into the Noah-MP LSM and WRF mesoscale model (Lee and Hong, 2016).
    • New hybrid electric power forecasting model by combining fuzzy time series and temperature-dependent power load (Lee and Hong, 2015).
    • Interplay between terrestrial ecosystem and the East Asian monsoon based on in-situ observation and ecosystem model (Hong and Kim, 2011).
    • Comparison of surface energy partitioning simulated by land surface models on the Tibetan Plateau and how to resolve such differences in the land surface models based on in situ observations (Hong and Kim, 2008; 2010).