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  • Junhong Lee (Ph.D student) got an excellent poster presentation award at the 2016 KOMES (Korean Meteorological Society) annual conference held in Busan, Korea. Congraturation! (October 2016)
  • Dr. Helen Ward (Univ. of Reading, UK) came back to University of Reading, UK after finishing two months stay in our lab. We enjoyed scientific discussion with her while she was in our lab (October 2016).
  • Dr. Erik Velasco  (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology) visited our lab and had a seminar (August 2016).erik


  • Prof. S. Grimmond (Univ. of Reading, UK) stayed in our lab and we enjoyed scientific discussion on urban meteorology with her( August 2016).grimmond2016


  • Dr. Fei Chen (NCAR, USA) visited our lab and a seminar with a title of “Recent advancement in land surface modeling and its impacts on weather and climate simulations“.  It was a great chance to share common research interests (June 2016).Chen.


  • Prof. Rodrigo Vargas (Univ. of Delaware, USA) visited our lab and a seminar with a title of “Carbon dynamics and water relations from plots to continental scales“. Very cold weather about -15 oC in Korea could not be a problem when we had wonderful time with him (January 2016).Rodrigo



  • Junhong Lee got award of the best research papers from the BrainKorea21plus project and Sungki Chung’s alumni scholarship, respectively.  Congratulation! (November 2015).
  • Dr. Johannes Laubach and Dr. Keith McNaughton visited our lab and spend their time in discussing several issues on micrometeorology with us. It was great fun and we had a chance to think what we are doing differently (October 2015).


  • Dr. Helen Wards in University of Reading visited our lab. While she stayed in Korea, she had a seminar in our department and looked around our urban flux station in Seoul. We enjoyed meeting with her and appreciate her kind attitude to us. We also enjoyed discussion on urban micrometeorology with her (October 2015).



  • Je-Woo Hong, one of the Ph. D students got the Global Ph.D Fellowship from the National Research Foundation of Korea. Congratulation! (July 2015).
  • Prof. Jinkyu Hong got the 2015 Editor’s Award for Advances in Atmospheric Sciences for constructive review of a manuscript. More details can be found at the AAS website (Click here) (January 2015).



  • We invited Prof. Tim Oke at Univ. of British Columbia and Dr. Andrey Grachev at NOAA to Korea and had wonderful time with us. Thank you for their kindness and we learned many things from their passion and experiences on urban meteorology and boundary layer meteorology (November 2014).


  • Prof. Keith McNaughton visited our lab and discussed several aspects of turbulent transport in the atmospheric boundary layer (October 2014).20141014


  • Dr. Keisuke Ono in NIAES, Japan, visited our lab and spent students in discussing micrometeorology and our life. He shared what he has been doing in the field with us. Thank you, Dr. Ono (June 2014).


  • Je-Woo Hong received the award for the best student post presentation in the 2014 Sping Conference of Korean Meteorological Society. Congratulation! (April 2014).




  • Conference of computational sciences supported by Institute for Computational Science and Engineering (ICSE) in Yonsei university. There were excellent presentations about biomedical engineering, acoustics, computational fluid dynamics, computational epidemiology, numerical analysis, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and atmospheric scientists and it was fun to discuss and exchange each expertise for future trans-disciplinary studies (February 2013).





  • We had a dinner with Prof. Y. Ryu in Seoul National University and his students in Sinchon. It was very fun and we hope to make a chance to collaborate (December 2012).



  • Prof. C. S. Grimmind in King’s College London and Prof. M. Roth in National University of Singapore visited our lab.
    We have wonderful time with them in Korea. Prof. Grimmond gave a seminar at Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University with a title of “Importance of vegetation on urban surface-atmosphere exchanges: Evidence from measurements and modeling” and you can also listen to her seminar at the YouTube ( http://youtu.be/ouo4mivszZo). Prof. Roth also had a talk about “Understanding scales and layers in the urban environment for meaningful observations”(August 2012).