• Jeffrey Lesser (Director of Halle Institute for Global Research and Learning, Emory University) and Kelly Richmond Yates (Assistant director) visited Korea and had dinner with us together. Jeff visited our measurement station. We enjoyed a meeting with Jeff and Kelly and their broad vision.

  • Je-Woo Hong, Ph D candidate got a best post presentation award from the Korean Society of Climate Change Research.
  • Two prominent scientists, Prof. Nelson Dias and Keith McNaughton, visited our lab and gave lectures to students in our lab. Thank you for their lectures and we enjoyed discussion on boundary layer meteorology and our life. 
  • Our recent work on aerodynamic roughness issue in urban area done through the international collaboration (Kent et al., 2018) has been introduced in an IAUS (International Association for Urban Climate) news letter.
  • Prof. Eri Saikawa and Dr. Alexander Avramov in Emory University visited our lab and had a seminar for graduate students in our department. We appreciate their kindness and open mind to our students.
  • Je-Woo Hong had presentation for his PhD proposal. His PhD committee members are Prof. J. Kim, Prof. H. Kim (Yonsei University), Prof. S. Grimmond (University of Reading), and Dr. E. Velasco (Singpore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology). (Feb 2018).
  • Our lab members as one of participants to KORUS-AQ field study was selected to receive the NASA Group Achievement Award. This is one of the most prestigious awards a group can receive and presented to selected groups who have distinguished themselves by making outstanding contributions to the NASA mission and science. The Award winners in our lab include Je-Woo Hong, Junhong Lee, Keunmin Lee, Sang-Dae Lee, SoJeong Lee, and Jinkyu Hong. (Feb. 2018)
  • Our lab starts collaborative researches with Prof. Eri Saikawa in Emory University with the support of the Global Research Cooperation Funding between Yonsei University and Emory University from 2018.
  • Je-Woo Hong and Keunmin Lee participated in the AMOS-ICSHMO 2018 held in Sydney, Austrailia and have presentations. (Feb. 2018)