Dr. Alexander Avramov (Emory University, US) (2019/July)

         Chasing ice: Arctic, clouds, snowflakes and aerosols 

Mr. Minkyu Moon (Ph D candidate, Boston University, US) (2019/July)

         Tracking a rhythm of the Earth: Long-term record in  land surface phenology 

Prof. Kazuhito Ichii (Professor, Chiba University, Japan) (2019/April)

         Monitoring and modeling of atmosphere-land CO2 exchanges in Asia 

Dr. Martin Claussen (Head of the Land in the Earth System, Max Planck Institute, Germany) (2019/February)

         The Green Sahara 

Prof. Nelson L. Dias (LEMMA, Federal University of Parana, Brazil) (2018/July)

         The Hurst Phenomenon in Turbulence: an approach to calculate random errors of turbulence statistics 

Prof. Keith McNaughton (New Zealand) (2018/July)

         A historical background on research in CBL turbulence 

Prof. Eri Saikawa (Emory University, USA) (2018/March)

         A Tale of Three Stories: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development

Prof. Elie Bou-Zeid (Princeton University, USA) (2017/June)

         Modeling and sensing the city: Challenges and opportunities

Prof. Yongwon Kim (International Arctic Research Center, UAF, USA) (2017/February)

         Environmental and climatic changes in arctic region

Prof. Namyi Chae (Korea University, Korea (2017/February)

         Soil respiration measurements in arctic region

Prof. Changhyun Yoo (Ewha Womans University, Korea) (2016/December)

         Current issues of climate sciences in Arctic and antarctic area

Dr. Erik Velasco (Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology, Singapore) (2016/August)

          Urban flux towers: applications and Challenges

Dr. Fei Chen (National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA) (2016/June)

          Recent advancement in land surface modeling and its impacts on weather and climate simulations

Dr. Gwi-Suk Heo (Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea) (2016/Feb)

          Comparison of measurement methods (Chamber, Tracer, VRPM, and Eddy covariance) for green house gases emitted from waste landfills

Prof. Rodrigo Vargas (University of Delaware, USA) (2016/Jan)

          Carbon dynamics and water relations from plots to continental scales

Dr. Helen C. Ward (University of Reading, UK) (2015/Oct)

          Urban flux measurements and modeling in the UK

Dr. Johannes Laubach (Landcare Research Institute, New Zealand) (2015/Oct)

          Micrometeorological contributions to greenhouse gas research in New Zealand

Dr. Keith McNaughton (New Zealand) (2015/Oct)

          Rethinking the atmospheric boundadry layer / Transport in the moderately unstable boundary layer

Dr. Tim Oke (University of British Columbia, Canada) (2015/Nov)

         Approaches and challenges to the study of meteorology in a megacity

Dr. Andrey Grachev (NOAA, USA) (2015/Nov)

         Urban and suburban studies from ship-based measurements in the Houston region

Dr. Keith McNaughton (University of Edinburgh, UK) (2014/Oct)

          Roll regions in the atmospheric boundadry layer / Transport in the moderately unstable boundary layer

Dr. Keisuke Ono (NIAES, Japan) (2014/June)

          Flux measurement for better agriculture

Prof. Chansoo Kim (Kongju National University, Korea) (2014/May)

          Climate data analysis based on Bayesian statistics

Prof. Yong-Hyuk Kim (Kwangwoon University, Korea) (2014/May)

          Machine learning for very short term heavy rainfall forecasting

Prof. Yung Seop Lee (Dongguk University, Korea) (2014/May)

          Statistical analysis of national climate data

Prof. Hyun Suk Kim (Seoul National University, Korea) (2014/Apr)

          Water and carbon use of temperate forest in Korea: Case studies in Gwangneung forest, Taehwa mountain, and Gariwang mountain 

Dr. Seung-Guk Woo (Korea Transport Institute, Korea) (2014/Mar)

          Sustainable transport policies for climate change adaptation

Dr. Seong Jin Noh (Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology, Korea) (2014/Mar)

          Sequential Monte Carlo methods for probabilistic forecasts and uncertainty assessment in hydrologic modeling

Prof. Sue Grimmond (University of Reading, UK) (2013/Sep)

          Challenges to conducting observations in urban areas: Examples from London

Dr. Thomas Lauvaux (Penn State University, USA) (2013/Nov)

          Monitoring carbon emissions and fluxes across space and time

Prof. Matthias Roth (National University of Singapore, Singapore) (2012/Aug)

          Understanding scales and layers in the urban environment for meaningful observations

Prof. Sue Grimmond (King’s College London, UK) (2012/Aug)

          Linking urban measurements and urban land surface modeling

Prof. Kwang Soo Kim (Seoul National University) (2012/Mar)

          Crop modeling

Prof.Youngryeol Ryu (Seoul National University) (2012/Mar)

          Integration of near-surface and satellite remote sensing to monitor land-atmosphere interactions from plots to global scales