J. Hong's Lab

Jinkyu Hong (PhD in Atmospheric Sciences)

Associate Professor

Head, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University

Manager of Global Environment Laboratory, Yonsei University


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ORCID 0000-0003-0139-602X


2016-present Associate Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea

2012-2016 Assistant Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea

2018-2020 Affiliate Faculty, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

2010-2012 Senior Research Scientist, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Korea

2008-2010 Research Professor, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea

2006-2008 Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, University of Georgia, USA


2005 Ph. D in Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea

· Title: Land-Atmosphere Interactions on the Tibetan Plateau: From Turbulence to Monsoon

· Advisors: Joon Kim, Hans Peter Schmid, Yign Noh, Song-You Hong, Jin-il Yun

1999. M. S. in Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea

· Title: Basic Characteristics of Canopy Turbulence in a Homogeneous Rice Paddy

1997. B. S. in Astronomy and Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University, Korea

· Title: Evapotranspiration into the Atmosphere: Micrometeorological Perspectives

Professional Service (selected)

2020-present Member of the study group on Integrated Energy Serices (SG-ENE), WMO Services Commission (SERCOM), World Meteorological Organization

2020-present Environmental assessment committee member of the Seoul government, Korea

2020-present Expert adviser for National Research Center for Climate Adaption, National Research Foundation, Korea

2020-present Committee member for Climate-Environment Research & Development Promotion, Ministry of Science and ICT, Korea

2020-2021 Steering committee member for the Water Environment Policy Forum, Ministry of Environment, Korea

2020 Managing guest editor for special issue in Environmental Pollution (Air pollution and health)

2020-present General manager of the Korea Meteorological Society (

2019-present Expert Member of WMO flux measurements for agriculture with a focus on GHG emissions (ET2.2, CAgM)

2015-present Science steering committee member of AsiaFlux (

2019-present Editorial board member, Remote Sensing (

2016-2019 Executive editorial coordinator, Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

2019-present Editorial board member, Meteorological Technology and Policy

2017-2020 External investigator of National strategy project for particulate matter

2011-2015 Associate editor, Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

2009-2010 Subject editor, Korean Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

2009 Guest associate editor in special issue on carbon cycles in Asia, Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences

2011 Session chair at 3rd iLEAPS International Science Conference 2011 in Germany

2009, 2010 Session chair at the AsiaFlux annual conferences

Public Outreach

2020 Lecture at Judical Research and Training Institute in Korea

2019 Vocational education on urban climate at Il-San Daejin high school and high school attached to Konkuk University

2017, 2018 Vocational education on geoscience at Sindong elementary school

2018 Writing a book chapter for teen agers, Better life better after urban redevelopment? in Future Science Concert for teen agers, Cheongaram Media, 214pp, ISBN: 9791158710828.

2017 Volunteering lecture at the October sky: From current scientist to potential scientist

2014, 2019 Vocational education on a scientist at High school attached to Konkuk University

2014 Vocational education on geoscience at Youngwon middle high school

2013 Talk on geosciences at Dangsan elementary school

2011 Talk climate change and carbon cycle at Seongnam city hall

2011 Talk on climate change and carbon cycle at TEDx

Teaching and Lecture

Teaching course in Yonsei University

2012-present Micrometeorology (3 credit)

2012-present Atmospheric Measurement (3 credits)

2012-present Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions (3 credits)

2014 General geoscience (2 credits with Prof. T. Hong)

2019-present Urban meteorology (3 credits)

2012,2020 Seminar for graduate student (3 credits)

External Lecture

2010 ▪ Lecture on Eddy-Covariance Method at the 2nd Domestic Expert Workshop on Surface Flux Measurement and Modeling

2009 ▪ Lecture on Data Processing at 2009 AsiaFlux Training Workshop in China (invited)

2007 ▪ Lecture on Boundary Layer Meteorology at the AsiaFlux Training Workshop in Korea

Student and Post-doc Advices

Post-doc Advices

▪ Je-Woo Hong (2019)

▪ Junhong Lee (2019)

Graduate Student Advices

2020 ▪ Jooyeop Lee (MSc)

2019 ▪ Je-Woo Hong (Ph.D) / ▪ Junhong Lee (Ph.D) / ▪ Jeongwon Kim (MSc)

2018 ▪ Sang-Dae Lee (MSc)

2017 ▪ Ui-Yong Byun (Ph.D) / ▪ Sojeong Lee (MSs) / ▪ Hyeri Kim (MSc) / ▪ JiWoon Park (MSc)

2015 ▪ Keunmin Lee (MSc)

Undergraduate Internship

▪ Doyoon Kwon (2019-2020) / ▪ Sungsoo Cho (2019-2020) / ▪ Wonseok Cho (2019)

▪ Kyungmin Kim (2020) / ▪ Sanul Park (2020)

Peer Review Contribution

Scientific Manuscript

▪ (A) Atmosphere / Advances in Atmospheric Sciences / Agricultural and Forest Meteorology / Applied Energy /

Asian Journal of Atmospheric Environment / Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences /Atmospheric Environment

▪ (B) Biogeosciences / Boundary-Layer Meteorology

▪ (C) Climate Dynamics

▪ (E) Environmental Research Letters / Environmental Engineering Research / Environmental Pollution

▪ (G) Geophysical Research Letters

▪ (H) Hydrological Processes

▪ (I) International Journal of Climatology / International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems

▪ (J) Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology / Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences /

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology / Journal of Forest Research /

Journal of Geophysical Research /Journal of Meteorological Society of Japan

▪ (K) Korean Journal of Agricultural and Forest Meteorology

▪ (M) Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

▪ (O) Ocean Science Journal

▪ (P) Plant and Soil

▪ (T) Theoretical and Applied Climatology

▪ (W) Water Resources Research