J. Hong's Lab

Milestones of Micrometeorology Study at Yonsei University

  • Started Agrometeorology Class in 1913

  • Prof H. K. Cho (professor emeritus, Yonsei University) published series of a paper on evapotranspiration

    • Cho H (1972) Statistical study on rice paddy evapotranspiration, J. Korean Meteorological Society, 8, 23-29

    • Cho H (1973) Study on Evaporation by climate factors, Korean J. Hydrological Society, 6, 5-12

    • Cho H and TY Lee (1975) Evapotranspiration and water budget over Nakdong river basin, Korean J. Hydrological Society, 8, 81-92

  • Prof. T. Y. Lee (professor emeritus, Yonsei University) published series of paper on urban climate and PBL modeling

    • Lee TY (1992) Study on urban climate in Seoul during winter and summer, KOSEF 901-0506-004-2, 97pp

    • Shin D and TY Lee (1997) Turbulence structure over a stratocumulus-topped ocean boundary layer by the large eddy simulation, J. Korean Meteorological Society, 33, 75-91.

  • Prof. J Kim (currently in Seoul National University) published papers on terrestrial carbon and water cycles.

  • Prof. J Hong joined to Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Yonsei University in 2012.

  • Dr. Je-Woo Hong received Ph.D in 2019 and joined to Korea Environment Institute.

  • Dr. Junhong Lee received PhD in 2019 and joined to Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany.